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For Applicants

Who can apply?

You are welcome to apply for accommodation if you are or will be a full time student at Hanken in Helsinki. All rental agreements are fixed for a one-year period. A prerequisite for extending the agreement is that you’re still a student at Hanken and has complied with all terms of the contract.

More information about applying

The apartment application form is only available online. For couples, it is enough that just one partner is a full-time student. However, both must fill in their information in the application form. Information regarding children that may move in with the tenants must also be entered into the form.

Only one person is allowed to live in an apartment that is less than 34 square meters in size. Pets are welcome to our apartments.

The rental agreement are fixed-term agreements.

When and how can I apply for accommodation?

You can apply all year around. However, since the rental agreements are for a fixed term (1st of August until 31st of July), it’s only in exceptional cases that an apartment becomes available during the rental period. It’s still important that you log in to your application in order to not inactivate your account (at least every 3rd month!). You might also need to update the expected move in-date.

What affects the decision on who receives an offer?

The decision regarding accommodation offer is based on the applicants need for accommodation, economic and social factors stipulated by ARA.

When will I know if I will receive an offer?

Accommodation offers are normally sent out in May and June every year. The rental period starts every year on August 1st. If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact the housing company. Accommodation offers are always sent to the applicant by e-mail. In case we have any additional questions, we might also try to reach you by phone.

How can I apply?


Please familiarize yourself with our accommodation.

Please apply via the application portal. You are still welcome to apply even if you are waiting for your study place to be confirmed.

If necessary, please update your application. You might need to update for example the expected move-in date.

Accommodation offers are always sent to the email address you have specified in the application form.

Remember to log in to your account at least every three months in order to renew your application, or your account will automatically be inactivated.

The application to Hanken's Isabella is open for all and coming Hanken degree students in Helsinki.

The applications for the apartments in Hankens Isabella are managed by Arcada Nova. Questions about your application can be sent to An application is always required to receive an accommodation offer.

Information about queueing

The normal status of an application is ‘in the queue’. The account for your application is active for three months. Before the three months has passed, you’ll receive an e-mail about this and that you should log in to your account again in order to keep the queue position active.

Queuing time and factors affecting the queue

The application queue changes all the time, as new applications arrive, offers are accepted and applications are cancelled. This means that changes in an application might change the queue. The applications are not numbered since factors such as need for accommodation and other economic-, and social factors are also taken into account in the tenant selection. For example, an applicant with a child is always prioritized above a childless applicant.

Income and wealth comparisons will be applied when selecting tenants, and priority will be given to low-income applicants.

Accommodation offer

Accepting an apartment happens in stages. The applicant always receives an offer of accommodation by e-mail. In case we have any additional questions regarding your application, we might try to reach you by phone.

After you have accepted the offer (by paying the deposit), the rental agreement can be signed either electronically (by Egreement) or at the office of Arcada Nova.

Accepting an apartment offer

The offer of accommodation is always sent by e-mail.

Read the apartment offer closely. For example, make sure that the floor plan and the rent is suitable to you. The apartment offer will be valid for four (4) days.

In order to accept the accommodation offer you must first read the terms and conditions of the rental agreement as well as the general rules. An accepted accommodation offer is always binding.

Rejecting an apartment offer

You can reject the accommodation offer by e-mail. A maximum of two accommodation offers can be sent to the same applicant. Please note that during busy periods we may not be able to make a second offer. When rejecting an offer, you need to let us know if you want your application to stay in the queue for a second offer. If you do not react to the apartment offer at all, your queue position will automatically be deleted.

If the apartment offered to you is not suitable, please let us know and edit your application. This way you can ensure that the new offer will better suit your needs.

Signing the rental agreement electronically

You can sign the rental agreement electronically if you have a Finnish personal ID-number and online banking credentials (tupas-identification). In that case the rental agreement is sent to your e-mail for you to sign via Egreement.

Signing the rental agreement at the office

You can also sign the rental agreement at our office. Remember to bring your ID!


The tenants receives only one rent invoice for the entire year at the beginning of the agreement! The invoice is sent by regular mail or to “oma-posti”.

You can also check your rents and payments on your account.

The due date is the 5th of every month. The reference number will remain the same for the whole year.

Rental period

The rental agreement is a fixed-term agreement.

Security deposit

The deposit for a one-room apartment is 500€, and 700€ for a two-room apartment.


Keys are to be picked up from the office of the maintenance company Pestone Yhtiöt Oy on Välimerenkatu 20 L3 (Jätkäsaari). Keys can be picked up starting from 12:00 on the first weekday of the month. You’ll get additional details regarding the key pick-up from Arcada Nova. The keys can also be picked up later.

Remember to bring your ID!

If you cannot pick up the key personally, you can also notify the office that someone else will pick up the key for you. Report the name and date of birth of the person picking up the key in advance by email to When picking up the key, the person in question must present an official ID.

Apartment inspection

Since no new tenants have not been able to see the apartment before moving in, you should inspect the apartment’s condition and cleanliness immediately after moving in. At Hankens Isabella, the old and new tenant often move at the same time, and mutual understanding is needed. Potential faults in the apartment should be reported to Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova immediately.

Please note! A fault report must however be separately made for all faults requiring repairs.

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