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For Tenants

Student apartments

Hanken’s Isabella was ready for the first tenants in September 2021.

Hanken’s Isabella is located on Jätkäsaari and has 78 studios and two one-bedroom apartments. Half of the apartments have an ocean view and the other half has a courtyard view.

The mall Ruoholahti is only a 20-minute walk away and there you can find services such as grocery stores, pharmacy, restaurants etc. The distance to the tram is only a minute away, and takes you to the Helsinki center in only 15 minutes. Hanken’s Isabella has no parking spaces.

Rent in Hanken’s Isabella:

Studio with kitchenette 23- 26,5m²581-714 €/month
Studio with kitchenette 30m²773 €/month
1bedroom apartment 51-52m²1041 €/month

The rent includes

  • A light flat with either a garden-, or ocean view.
  • The floor area is efficiently utilized.
  • The kitchen is equipped with hot plates, oven and a fridge/freezer combination.
  • 10 Mb Internet connection
  • Water charges
  • Full waste management

Maintenance company

Pestone Oy is responsible for property and outdoor area management.

The maintenance services will take care of the most common facility maintenance duties. Hankens Isabella also has repair workers, who carry out small-scale repair jobs. When necessary, Hankens Isabella also uses external service providers.

Some important things to remember before your move

  • Home insurance is mandatory for every tenant in order to move in.
  • Remember to submit a notification of change of address to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Also, notify the change of address to all other necessary recipients, such as KELA, subscriptions, friends and family etc.
  • Pay the deposit and the monthly rent accordingly, on the due date at the latest. Check the invoice you’ve received for payment details.
    Interest on overdue payment can be added otherwise.
  • Water and a 10 Mbit internet connection are included in the monthly rent. All tenants must get a separate electricity agreement with a company of their choice.
  • Please be considerate towards other tenants, and take good care of the flat!
Regulations for Isabella student housing


The keys are personal and must be used responsibly and with careThe apartment keys also give you access to the common areas.

Please note that it is strictly forbidden to have copies made of the keys. If you have lost a key you must contact Arcada Nova immediately.

Door code

The front doors of the building remain locked 24/7. You can always enter the building with your apartment key. Please note that there is a bell for each apartments for guests to use.

There is no code to either of the front doors.

If you lose your key

If you lose your key you need to immediately contact us at (+358 29 428 2900 / The office will give you instructions on where you can pick up the new key. The costs of the lost key and possible lock change or reserialization will be charged from the tenant in accordance with the valid liability price list for tenants.

Door opening service

Door opening services 24/7 will be provided by Pestone Oy. Door opening service telephone number for is +358 40 848 8991.

The door opening service is subject to a charge and Pestone will charge a door opening fee ( Mo-Fr 7.00-15.00 20€ and other times 80€). The tenant must be able to prove their identity.

Door opening service 24/7 (subject to a charge) tel. +358 40 848 8991.

Maintenance and repair work

Electronic fault report

The tenant is obligated to notify the lessor of any damages or defects in the apartment for the correction of which the lessor is responsible. A tenant who neglects this notification obligation is liable for the damages caused by this negligence. (Act on Residential Leases, Section 24).

All non-urgent faults that require repair must be reported through the electronic fault report, which will be delivered directly to the maintenance company to be processed. The tenant is also expected to familiarize themselves with the Hankens Isabella’s guidelines. Ignorance of these guidelines does not free them of liability for damage.

Before filling in the fault report, check the division of responsibilities table below to see whether the repair is the duty of the tenant or the lessor. Hankens Isabella will not charge the tenant for the maintenance and repair work of so-called normal wear.

Pestone Yhtiöt Oy handles all maintenance service (also urgent repairs 24/7 tel. +358 40 848 8991). Call the number only in emergencies. Please do not call if the issue can wait until the next weekday.

Liability price list

The tenant is obliged by law to take good care of the apartment. The tenant is obliged to compensate the landlord for any damages that the tenant has caused either by negligence or intentionally in the apartment. Damages due to negligence by the tenant is charged by Arcada Nova in accordance with the liability price list for tenants. Also, the tenant is obliged to familiarize with the instructions. Ignorance does not the eliminate the liability of the tenant.


Resposibility chartLiability price listFault report

Rental agreement

Tenant changes

If there is a change of tenants in the apartment, remember to always report this to Arcada Nova. Any changes to the agreement parties require a new contract.

Also, if a party to the agreement moves out it must also always be reported, otherwise the agreement will continue as the agreement parties’ shared responsibility and both parties are still responsible for the apartment and the payments. The change can only be reported by e-mail, so we can make a new agreement for the remaining party without any interruptions.

If a new child is born into your family, you can report this by e-mail. Subtenants need to be reported via a subletting agreement. See further information to the right of this page.

Subletting your apartment

You may sublease your apartment for a fixed period, if you e.g. leave the city because of reasons related to your studies, such as exchange studies or internships.

Note! Remote studying is not an acceptable reason for subleasing your apartment! The sub-tenant should be a full-time student, preferably in the Helsinki region.

During the summer months of June, July and August, a study-related reason for subletting your apartment is not necessary, however the subtenant should still be a full-time student.

In accordance with the rental agreement and the Act on Residential Leases, you need the permission of the landlord to sublease your apartment. Also, as a tenant you’re still responsible for the apartment and the rent payments even if you have a sub-tenant.

In order to get an approval for subleasing your apartment, you need to send the requested documentation to the landlord (Arcada Nova). A study certificate and documentation of income from the potential sub-tenant, as well as the agreement for the subleasing between the two parties. If the contract will be for a period outside the summer months, you’ll also need to show a certificate of your exchange/internship.

Remember to also share with your sub-tenant the general terms and conditions for rental agreements, as well as the general rules and other necessary user instructions.

For additional information contact Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova 029 428 2900 /

You can find a printable version of a sublease agreement form here.

If you sublease your apartment, remember the following:

  • 1. Please note, if you sublease your apartment the agreement is between you and your subtenant only. If you would face any problems like missed rent payments or problems regarding the condition of the apartment, Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova cannot help you with these. You will remain responsible part towards Isabella regarding all the tenants’ responsibilities.
  • 2. Subletting and accommodating third parties without permission can lead to the termination of your tenancy agreement and claims for compensation.
  • 3. The apartment can only be subleased by the same number of people as stated in the primary rental agreement.
  • 4. You may only charge the same amount of rent you pay to Hanken’s Isabella. The principle tenant can separately charge extra for furniture.
  • 5. You must make up a sublease agreement!
  • 6. You must always inform the landlord about the sublease by sending a signed copy of the agreement to Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova, at least one month before the subtenant moves in. Should the period of the sublease agreement consist of months other than June, July and August, a certificate of an internship or exchange must be enclosed.
  • 7. If you receive a housing benefit, you have to inform KELA about your subtenant. You will not receive benefit during the time of the sublease agreement.
  • 8. The subtenant has to inform the magistrate about moving in. Visit for more information.


All rental agreements are set for a fixed term and can therefore only be terminated in agreement with the landlord.

General Terms of Rent agreement

Cancellation of the contract

In the case of serious violations, Hankens Isabella has the right to cancel rental agreement without a notice period. Such violations include e.g. neglected rent payments, continuous disruptive behavior, transferring the rental rights without a subletting agreement or transferring the use of a part of the apartment to another party without Hankens Isabellas’ permission. The rental agreement will be terminated with immediate effect when the cancellation of the contract notice has been delivered to the tenant. If necessary, Hankens Isabella will evict the tenant through the local district court.

Laundry room shifts

The use of the laundry room is subject to a fee. To be able to reserve and use the washing machines and dryers, you must download the app appwash.

The laundry fees, or so-called booking credits, are paid electronically in the app appwash using bank codes or credit card. Detailed instructions can be found in the link below.

InstructionsFAQGeneral terms of appWash

Storage space

The storage areas are located on the 1st and 2nd floor. There is a storage for each apartment (same number on the storage as the apartment).

Tenants must empty their storage space when they move out

There are also public storage areas for bicycles, strollers and other outdoor equipment. Every now and then the public storage areas are cleaned out as well as the tenants’ unlocked storage spaces. Things that are not marked, broken or otherwise classified as rubbish may be thrown out.

  • The property company is not liable if the tenant’s own neglect leading to the loss of objects and goods
  • It is only permitted to store things in the marked storage spaces
  • Because of fire safety it is absolutely forbidden to store things in the property’s public spaces and corridors 
  • The property company regularly throws away things that the tenants store along rescue routes or other prohibited areas in the property

Storage of mopeds and suchlike in the basement or other indoor areas is strictly forbidden, unless the fuel tank is completely empty. For safety reasons, when passing through locked doors/fire doors, make sure the doors lock behind you.


On the 1st floor of Hankens Isabella is a furnished clubroom that tenants of both Hankens Isabella and KOY Helsingin Isabella are free to use without charge. The room is divided into three parts with two so called “study rooms”, and one larger room. The study rooms are perfect for either independent or group work. The rest of the room is well suited for either meetings or why not a birthday celebration. The room is equipped with a kitchenette with both fridge, stove, oven, a microwave and dishwasher. There is also a few plates, glasses and cutlery.

In order to use any of the rooms you must always reserve the room in question in advance. Reservations and cancellations are made in the app One4all Mobile. The rooms are booked hourly, Mon-Fri 7am – 10pm and Sat- Sun 8am – 10.30pm.

Please observe the general rules of conduct when using the rooms! You find the rules both in the One4all Mobile app and inside the clubroom.


There is a sauna on the 1st floor of the property that tenants are welcome to use. You need to make a reservation in order to use the sauna. All reservations are hourly. The fee is 5,00€/hours.

Reservations are made in the app One4All Mobile. Please note your personal PIN-code in the app. You access the sauna with your personal pin code during your reservation.

Please note that you must make or cancel the reservation at least 24 hours in advance.

The person that makes the reservation will be charged for the use. The person that has made the reservation will receive a paper bill later in the mail.

Residential communication

All residential communication comes via the app One4all Mobile. The tenant must download the app to gain access to the residential communication, rescue plan, booking calendar for both sauna and clubroom.

The app is a flexible communication channel between the property management and the residents, but also a tool for reserving the sauna and various spaces.

The app also works via a web browser.

One4all Mobile works smoothly together with the digital information screen located in the stairwell.

Energy efficient & ecological accommodation

Sensible and economic accommodation does not mean that you should abandon comforts, rather that you use them correctly and appropriately.

You do not need to live in the dark and cold, but on the other hand, using electricity unnecessarily or regulating the temperature by keeping the windows open all the time is wasteful. In other words, avoid unnecessary use of electricity and water as well as unnecessary airing etc.

Rent payments

The due date for the rent is the 5th day of every month. The tenants receive their rent invoice only once for the entire year in the beginning of the rental period by mail or “oma-posti”. Use the right reference number when paying! You can also check your payments on your own account.

The rent’s due date cannot be postponed or changed and it is not possible to make a rent payment plan with Hanken’s Isabella. If the rent payment is late, the late payment interest and collection costs valid at the time will be charged from the tenant. Unpaid rent will be transferred to be collected. If rental payments remain unpaid, it may lead to the termination of the rental agreement and a credit data entry. Rental payments transferred to debt collection can no longer be negotiated with Hankens Isabella after they have been forwarded to debt collection process. Negotiations about a payment plan must be carried out with the debt collection operator. With regard to family apartments, both partners have a shared responsibility of the rent payments, also if one partner moves out of the apartment without terminating their agreement.

Other payments

In addition to rent, you may receive separate invoices related to, e.g. lost keys or sauna reservations. These invoices will be sent to you by mail.

Rent invoice

The rental invoice is sent by regular mail or “OmaPosti” if you have that service in use.

Electricity, water, internet and sauna shifts

Water and internet (10 Mbit) is included in the rent. The tenant has to sign their own electricity agreement. Sauna reservations are charged separately.

Hanken’s Isabella reserves the right to specify the rent in a manner that allows for charging water usage based on consumption.

Returning the security deposit

The security deposit will be returned to the tenant’s bank account entered to Tenant Pages about 4 weeks after the rental agreement has ended, if there are no issues concerning the tenant’s move. The bank account must be in the IBAN format, and if you have a foreign bank account, you should also report the BIC code. If you do not have an IBAN bank account, enter your account number, name of the account holder, the bank’s name and address and the bank’s SWIFT code. The tenant is responsible for the accuracy of these data.

Moving inspection

After the rental agreement has ended or when the tenant has notified that the apartment is empty, an inspection of the apartment will take place. The inspection is usually carried out with a master key, between 8:00-16:00, and the visit does not need to be agreed on separately with the inspector nor does the tenant need to be present. The apartment must be empty and cleaned for the inspection. If you have a pet or you do not agree to the use of a master key for some other reason, you can make an appointment for the inspection with the landlord.

If you have given permission to inspect your apartment using a master key but prevent the inspector accessing the apartment, or if you have agreed on a time for the visit but are not present at the agreed time, an invoice for € 35 will be sent to you due to the unnecessary inspection visit.

During the inspection the apartment’s renovation needs will be reviewed. The apartment’s cleanliness level will also be inspected. The inspection report reflects the situation at the moment of the inspection. The tenant is obliged to take good care of the apartment until the end of their rental agreement and they must do the final cleaning.

Moving day cleaning

After you move out, the apartment must be clean and completely clear of your belongings.

Moving day cleaning includes:

  • cleaning the oven, stovetop and cooker hood
  • wiping the floor under the oven and the wall behind it
  • cleaning the refrigerator and freezer, thawing them and cleaning behind and under them Switch off their power and leave the doors open
  • wiping the ventilation valves
  • wiping cupboards and drawers
  • washing the toilet and the bathroom (walls, floor, door and all fixtures), cleaning the floor drain
  • wiping the floors and baseboards with a damp cloth. The walls must also be cleaned if necessary.
  • taking out all rubbish
  • washing the windows, if possible, at least from the inside in the winter
  • empty basement storage

An untidy apartment will be cleaned and the costs will be charged from the tenant/tenants moving out. Price 200,00€.

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